Beaufort West Tourism- Sustainable Tourism Development Competition


The year 2017 is known as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism – a Tool for Development and annually we celebrate Tourism Day on 27 September. Beaufort West Tourism launched a Sustainable Tourism Development Competition prior to Tourism Day. The competition created an opportunity for tourism students and learners to apply their classroom knowledge in a real-world scenario.  The purpose of the competition was to get new ideas, presented by students, which we could use to increase tourism in Beaufort West. These ideas should meet the requirements of the five pillars of sustainable development: “Economy, Social, Environment, Culture and Peace”.  On 9 October 2017, Beaufort West Tourism was pleased to announce the best new tourism development idea for the International Year of Sustainable Tourism Development 2017. Although participation did not go as expected, a group of five Grade 11 members from different local schools entered the competition with two proposals. The “Friends of Tourism” group made use of a PowerPoint presentation on 5 October 2017 to present their ideas. The ideas they suggested included: 1.      The “Lipstick Golden Skate” – a roller skating arena for the community that prevents children from engaging in wrong activities.  2.      The “Selected Generation” – A non-domination Religious Centre which would be a catalyst for Faith-Based Tourism in Beaufort West.  The judges, Albie Augustyn, Gordon Roberts, Sascha Klemm, Kyla Mack and Mbuyiselo Tamana were so impressed with the groups presentations that they decided to combine first and second prizes and award it as first prize. We would like to thank our competition sponsors for their support, because without their contribution, Beaufort West Tourism would not have been able to have the competition. We would like to give recognition to the Karoo National Park who sponsored a night game drive.  Salt & Pepper Restaurant who sponsored a meal voucher. For the group. Karushi Restaurant also sponsored a meal voucher.  The Karoo Donkey Cart Tours sponsored a Sunset Tour. Tourism builds friendships, creates better understanding between communities and connects people. It is important to take into account that tourism does not only benefit tourism businesses but also benefits the community as a whole. Tourism is everyone’s business! -Kyla Mack