Bass Lake Adventures 4×4 Trail


Bass Lake Adventures 4×4 Trail

The 4×4 trail is open, for self driving, 5 days per week, except in the case of heavy rain, when the track is closed. If you wish to use the 4 x 4 trail after heavy rain, please call first to check if the 4 x 4 track will be open before driving out.

A maximum of 6 vehicles permitted in 1 group on the trail. Larger groups may stagger departure time on trail.

The length of this trail is 14 km long and has a number of technical sections. If done in full, the trail will take around 3 hours. This trail is a natural track and includes ascents / descents and water sections. Escape routes are available at the difficult sections. The trail is marked with a number system. Rules apply to the use of the track and are printed on the 4 x 4 permit. Please proceed to the waterfront area on the lowest level and visit our outdoor shop where the permit & map are obtainable.

Operating hours

All Self Drive 4 x 4 activities must cease by 16h30 . All 4 x 4 vehicles must report to the waterfront, for deposit refunds, by our staff by 16h45 at the latest.

Contact details

Telephone: 016 366 1127/8 / 016 366 1130

Email: [email protected]