Faan Meintjes Nature Reserve

Faan Meintjes Nature Reserve

Faan Meintjes Nature Reserve

Origin of the Farm

In 1970 a piece of land, 320 ha in size, was bought from Mr. Faan Meintjes by the Town Council of Klerksdorp.

The game on the farm at the time was donated to the council and in recognition of this grant; the game farm was named in honor of Mr. Meintjes. The Reserve was officially opened on the 30th October 1970 by Mr. Rob Ferreira, then the M.E.C. for local government, and on the 15th February 1972 it was opened to the public.

In 1972 the Reserve was proclaimed the Faan Meintjes Nature Reserve.


Faan Meintjes Nature Reserve is 1200ha in size and it falls under the North West Province which is based within the Savannah biome with its associated bush veld vegetation and it is situated about 16 km north North-West of Klerksdorp.