Kamfers Dam


Kamfers Dam, just minutes by road from Kimberley, is famous among birdwatchers for its huge population of Lesser Flamingos. The wetland may be home to over 200 species of birds and a national heritage site, but there’s no doubt that the main attraction is the big­gest population of flamingos in southern Africa

The flamingos flock to the dam to feed on the naturally-occurring al­gae and to breed on the artificial S-shaped island in the middle of the dam, which was built by a gen­erous mining company. As the only breeding area for the species in the country Kamfers Dam has become a massively important ecological area and tourist attraction.

Tour information

November to March are the breed­ing months, although the flamingos are there all year round. September and October can be spectacularly good, with up to 50 000 lesser fla­mingos visible