Newtown Precinct and SAB World of Beer

Newtown Precinct and SAB World of Beer

 The SAB World of Beer is the home of beer culture in South Africa and a must-see destination for anyone who is passionate about beer.


The World of Beer is also an integral part of the SAB family in South Africa.

The World of Beer came into being in 1995, an iconic year in South Africa’s history. The year marked the country’s first full year as a democracy, our defeat of the All Blacks in the Rugby world Cup, and a century of brewing mastery at SAB.


The company opened what was then known as the Centenary Centre, a museum designed to showcase the history of Sout African Beer. It was one of the first major investments made in the Newtown Cultural Precinct, ultimately paving the way for future developments in the area.

Tour information

The SAB World of Beer includes a tour that has been developed and perfected to give visitors insight into the history and culture of beer, from its ancient origins, to its African and European heritage, and its role in South Africa’s story, past, present and future.


Take a tour of the SAB World of Beer, and you’ll quickly discover why it has twice been named the number one tourist attraction in South Africa.