OPM Prozesky Bird Sanctuary


The reserve was established in the 1980’s.  The disused sewage ponds of the local municipality attracted prolific birdlife and nature lovers and the municipality wanted to establish a sanctuary where all forms of wildlife would be protected.  The reserve is a joint project of Birdlife Wes Vaal and the Potchefstroom City Council whose land it is.  The reserve is named after the well-known ornithologist, Dr OPM Prozesky of the Transvaal Museum who championed the cause of the reserve.

Prozesky Bird Sanctuary was established to conserve and protect the bio-diversity of the habit.  As part of our green heritage, we have a duty towards the environment to preserve and protect it for future generations.  At the same time the area should be accessible to all for enjoyment and education.  The reserve belongs to the community of Potchefstroom therefore it should be utilized with minimal disturbance.

Tour information

Birding is the main activity and the reserve has been developed and maintained to be accessible to birders on foot. The paths are maintained by the Potchefstroom City Council and lead to the different birding spots and hides. Bridges enable the visitor to gain access to all parts of the reserve and the hides are strategically placed to give the best views of birdlife.