Regional Museum

Regional Museum
Victoria West

The Victoria West museum, although not large, has a wide variety of exhibitions and displays of fossils dating back to prehistoric time, to modern fauna and flora and finally a look at the history of the people of the area. These include the history of the Boer war era and its relation to the various inhabitants of Victoria West and the surrounding area.  There is also a fairly comprehensive section on the flood which devastated the town in 1909. Other displays feature sports memorabilia and a beautifully preserved doll exhibition.

Tour information

The museum has two walking tour pamphlets available which guide visitors around the various historic houses in the town. These include Karoo Huisies, Victorian houses and Cape Cottages.  The pamphlets give an easy to follow map with routes marked out.  Historic buildings are numbered and explanations of the history of the buildings given in the 10 and 20 page pamphlets.