Soweto Tourism Information Centre

Soweto is an urban settlement or ‘township’ in South Africa, southwest of Johannesburg, with a population of approximately 1.3 million (2008, Joburg archive).

Soweto was created in the 1930s when the White government started seperating Blacks from Whites. Blacks were moved away from Johannesburg, to an area separated from White suburbs by a so-called cordon sanitaire (or sanitary corridor) this was usually a river, a railway track, an industrial area or a highway etc., they did this by using the infamous ‘Urban Areas Act’ in 1923.

Known the world over for its role in the struggle for democracy, Soweto hums day and night, and its vibe is electrifying. It’s Gucci and ghetto, Hummers and hip-hop, Loxion Kulcha (a sought-after local fashion brand that originated in the townships) and livestock, glamour and gogos (grannies).

Tour information
Key sites in and around Soweto

  • Amphitheatre Stadium
  • Area of Masakeng*
  • Area of Mochanaeng*
  • Arthur Ashe
  • Bara Hospital*
  • Beerhalls
  • Blue Fountain
  • Diepkloof Convent*
  • Diepkloof Reformatory*
  • Dube YMCA
  • Eyethu Cinema
  • Fred Clark*
  • Funda Centre
  • George Tabor Technikon
  • Hector Peterson Memorial
  • Jabavu Methodist Church
  • Jabavu Swimming Pool
  • Jomo Sono’s House
  • Kaizer Motaung Home
  • Khaga le Ndaba Village*
  • Klipspruit Sewage Farm*
  • Lesedi Clinic
  • Lillian Ngoyi Hospital
  • Magoral House (Pimville)
  • Mashiloane House*
  • Mavis Hall
  • Mooki Street*
  • Morris Isaacson Creche
  • Morris Isaacson High School
  • Morris Isaacson Primary
  • Naledi High School
  • Soweto is home to the Naledi school. Past students who rose to leadership are Onkgopotse Tiro (before he moved to Barolong High School because of a pass offence) and Dr Frank Chikane.
  • Mshenguville*
  • No II Mineshaft* (Odenadaal Rd)
  • Odium Lilly Cinema*
  • Orlando High School
  • Orlando Power Station
  • Orlando Stadium* and Dobsonville
  • Ovl Communial Hall
  • Ovl Sheltered Workshop
  • Ovl Swimming Pool
  • Ovl YMCA
  • Pace College*
  • Pimmville Community Centre
  • Potchefstroom Street
  • Power Park
  • Protea Polize Street*
  • Protea Street Anglican Church*
  • Sofasonke Mpuza House
  • Soweto College of Education
  • Soweto Highway*
  • Soweto Homeakers
  • Peter Claver School
  • Sunvalley*
  • The New Church of South Africa
  • UBC (Council Office)
  • Vista University