Vredefort dome world heritage site


2023 million years ago a giant meteorite struck the earth near the present day village of Vredefort. The impact created a crater some 90km in diameter and caused a tremendous shift in the earth’s crust across a radius of over 300km now known as the Vredefort Dome. This fascinating natural phenomenon, different in shape and vegetation from its surrounding area, caters for the adventurous, etc. Today the Vredefort Dome World Heritage Site is one of the province’s prime adventure tourism sites with numerous tour operators and accommodation facilities catering for campers, hikers, rock climbers, canoeists and white water rafters, with hiking trails, river rafting, abseiling, fly fishing etc.

Vredefort Dome is the oldest, largest, and most deeply eroded complex meteorite impact structure in the world. It is the site of the world’s greatest single, known energy release event. It contains high quality and accessible geological (outcrop) sites which demonstrate a range of geological evidences of a complex meteorite impact structure.


The Vredefort Dome was listed on 14 July 2005 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) as a World Heritage Site in South Africa

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The general tour is the one that most visitors prefer. This one gives an overall insight into the outstanding features of the unique landscape (the natural scenery of the hills and valleys and the Vaal River), the geology as well as the history and culture. Tourist can also go on a Geological tour, History & Culture tour, Birding tour, Educational tour
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